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WVU Medicine

Healthcare System


Ruby Memorial Hospital

Morgantown, West Virginia

Berkeley Medical Center

Martinsburg, West Virginia

Jefferson Medical Center

Ranson, West Virginia

Potomac Valley Hospital

Keyser, West Virginia

Reynolds Memorial Hospital

Glen Dale, West Virginia

Garrett Regional Medical Center

Oakland, Maryland

services provided

pathshowing - wayfinding systems

and interpretive graphic design

C-suite engagement

definition of project scale, scope

and budget

organization and management

of project team

existing conditions audit

on-site observation, analysis,

and recommendations

user questionnaires

and online staff surveys

vehicular and pedestrian flow

terminology and

messaging standards

preliminary wayfinding program

and schematic design

signage location plans

and system coordination

wayfinding and signage

master planning

ADA compliance

federal, state, and local zoning codes and variance approvals

approvals from HOA and local governance review boards

signage system design

and standards

design concepts and development

design intent / quality control documentation

quality assurance details

and specifications

bid documentation

and bid process support


brand building experiences


information integration

identity / logo development

and standards

WVU Cancer Institute
WVU Medicine Potomac Valley Hospital Welcome Wall
WVU Medicine Potomac Valley Hospital Identification Sign
WVU Medicine Potomac Valley Hospital
WVU Medicine Potomac Valley Hospital Entrance
WVU Medicine Detail
WVU Medicine Jefferson Medical Center
WVU Medicine Urgent Care
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